Material List

Material List




·        Pencil (HB)

·        Eraser

·        Sharpener

·        Sketchbook with thicker textured paper

·        Inexpensive Watercolor Paper not too rough

·        Waterproof Fine-liner 0.3

·        Jar for water

·        Paint Brushes Round 2 and Round 8

·        Colorless Alcohol Blender (often a 0)

·        Inexpensive Colored Pencils, at least a set of 48 colors

·        Inexpensive Watercolor Pencils, at least a set of 48 colors


Recommended extras:

·        Make-up Brush for eraser rubble

·        Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper with a fine structure

·        Thick Bristol Paper

·        Instead of the 2 papers above, you can also use Thick Mixed Media Paper (not too smooth or very rough)

·        You can replace all the above papers with Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper, but that will be more expensive. It works both with colored and watercolor pencils.



For transferring the designs to paper you will be using, you can use:


·        LED light pad

·        Printer

·        2B Pencil instead of a light pad


For the Projects in the Art Class you can use the following extras:


·        Photo Album with Photo Tape/Glue or Photo Sleeves

·        Scoring Board or Scissors and ruler for scoring paper

·        Dried flowers and glue/double sided tape for a Collage

·        Picture Frames

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