The Materials

This video will tell you all about the Materials you need for this mini-course. Below the video you will find a detailed list of the materials.

The materials that you need for this Art Class.

  • Pencil HB
  • An empty Glass
  • 1 Cup/Glass or small Bowl with Water
  • Eraser - Sharpener - (Optional Soft Brush to remove eraser rubble)
  • Putty Eraser, also called Kneadable or Moldable Eraser
  • Watercolor Paper 300gsm Fine Grain or Smooth - Student/beginner quality is fine
  • Watercolor Paint (nothing fancy, I'm using Artina Colaro from Amazon) - The colors I'm using are - violet - purple - sap green - dark green - ultramarine blue - lemon yellow - yellow ochre - any grey
  • (Watercolor) Brushes (again nothing fancy, I'm using a cheap set of Morkia Detail Brushes from Amazon) - The brush size you need are 7 (6 or 8 is fine too) and 1 (0 or 2 is fine too)
  • A mixing tray (palette) or a plate - or use the mixing tray the one that may come with your watercolor paints

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