Using Alcohol Markers with Ease

Alcohol Markers have been around for quite a long time, but only recently discovered by a larger audience. They’re commonly used for illustrations and comics, but they’re not limited to that at all. Coloring pages, greeting cards, industrial design, architecture, incorporation into artworks, even stand-alone artworks, it’s all possible and that’s just the short list. In this Art Class we’ll be exploring how to work with Alcohol Markers. This Art Class will show you all you need to know about using them to create lovely artworks or use them for your coloring pages, greeting cards and so on.

This Art Class will show you the skills and techniques to successfully do great artworks with Alcohol Markers. No prior skills needed. Sure, it’s nice if you can draw or paint, but you don’t have to, all the designs that are used in the Art Class are available to use. From basics to advanced techniques, it’s all there for you to discover. Layering, blending, light, shadows, color values, freehand sketching and many more topics will be discussed. Not just theory, but you’ll discover how to apply the theory practically.

Art Class overview:

  • 17 video lessons
    almost 9 hours of video material
  • 20-30 hours from start to finish when watching all the videos and doing all the assignments
    clear examples, instructions, demos and assignments
  • 4 fully commented demo videos
  • 3 pdf books with notes, examples, assignments and answers
    more then 160 pages of study material
  • printable assignment sheets, if you can draw, great, if you can’t draw, no problem
  • suitable for beginners and intermediate artists

This video below has a number of excerpts from various lessons of this Art Class to give you an impressions of it: