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It has been a great joy to be sharing my skills and knowledge through Benjamin’s Art Classes over the last few years. The feedback I’ve been receiving is great and it has been wonderful to see the growth in students work.

Nevertheless the limited way in which I am able to really connect with my students, has been troubling me. There is so much more I would love to share with you than can be communicated and delivered through my classes.

For this reason I wanted to create an environment that CAN facilitate my desire to have more interaction with you.

Benjamin's Art World Membership

Benjamin’s Art World is an online community which has the most to offer. Just to give you an idea what is available for the Gold Members:

All released & upcoming Art Classes

This will give you a year long access to ALL current Art Classes and to all newly released Art Classes during the time of your subscription

Monthly Workshops

Once a month a new workshop will be added to the library. These workshops will be topical: How to draw or paint a certain subject; How to use a specific medium; Art theory made very practical and understandable. The workshops will vary from 20 – 60 minutes and will be in a pre-recorded format so that you can enjoy them at your own convenience.

Sneak Previews & Free Lessons

As I release new Art Classes, the members of my Art World will be the first to see what I’m working on and will enjoy some lessons from the upcoming course. 

Video Reviews of Member’s Art Work

While I obviously will be commenting on posted artworks, I will also frequently pick random artworks from the members for a more in-depth review.

Q & A Sessions

There will be opportunities to send in questions and get them answered in a combined Q & A session. In addition to this, I will run spontaneous sessions as questions and needs present themselves that resonate among multiple members. 


There will be the option to join a challenge, helping you to grow as an artist. At times these challenges will be connected to the theme of the Workshop & Inspirational Idea, but at other times be a stand-alone.

Inspirational Ideas 

These will include sketches for you to practice and improve your art techniques & skills (along with my example and tips), or motivational thoughts and ideas to help you grow and stimulate you to think outside of the box.

Share Your Work with Others

Of course there will be a room for you to post all your art works for others to enjoy and to receive feedback from one another.

A Great Place to Hang out Together

It is very enjoyable to be part of a community with a common interest and passion. A place with the mission to help you grow as an artist and expand your creative journey and possibilities. A place of warm and constructive encouragement and tips along the way.

Holiday Sale!

Use Coupon Code HOLIDAY22 to enjoy 50% off your purchase.

Benjamin's Art World Membership

This is a One Year membership. Subscribing to the Membership gives you access to Benjamin's Art World and all current and upcoming Art Classes during the time of your subscription.