The practical Masterclass that will show you how to create a stunning Oil Painting.

Many people find oil painting intimidating. It can be smelly and create a mess, cause a lot of stress. I've had these same feelings for many years. Not anymore. Since I've discover water mixable oil paints and the techniques to use them, that intimidation is gone.

Now I'm really enjoying oil painting. Come along with me in this Masteclass and let me take all the intimidation away and pass the joy of oil painting to you. Even if you have never (oil) painted before, my easy instructions will get you started. If you have (oil) painted before, then this will be a fun project to get involved in.

Everything you need to get started with oil painting is right here in this Masterclass. Check the material video and material list in the free preview section to see what's needed to get started.

If you prefer regular oil paint instead of water mixable oil paints, that's fine. You will have no issue following along.

This Masterclass includes:

  • Step by step easy to follow Instructions
  • Introduction to Oil Painting
  • Layering Techniques
  • Painting in one Session
  • Mixing Paints and Colors
  • Painting techniques
  • A lovely Project to follow along
  • Sketch
  • Finished painting as a guide

Check the material list (Course Content - Supplies), get those materials out and join me in painting this beautiful scenery.