The practical Masterclass that will show you how to create a stunning Oil Painting in Procreate.

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For some reason, one of the most underrated Art mediums in Procreate might well be Oil Painting. Traditionally Oil Painting is one of the go to disciplines for many Artists, but in Procreate it is often overlooked and neglected. Which is a pity, since you can create really beautiful Artworks with it in Procreate.

Oil Painting sounds like a challenge and it can be, but with this Masterclass you will be able to tackle that challenge successfully. Oil painting in real life is a messy and smelly procedure, but we won't have this issue in Procreate. All we need is an Oil Paint Brushset, a Subject to Paint and the knowledge and skill on how to Oil Paint... all of that without expensive materials, weeks of drying time and a terrible smelling room.

The Oil Paint Brushset and Subject are included in this Masterclass. That's not all there is, I've added the Color Palette (Swatch) we'll be using too and of course the Procreate Sketch we need. If that's not enough, the Procreate Sketch also comes with 3 lovely Paper Textures we'll be using for some Atmospheric Effects. O and of course, the Class lessons contain all the needed instructions and guidance to successfully paint this Scenery in Procreate.

All you need to do is bring your iPad with Procreate and Apple Pencil and I'll supply the Materials and know-how you need to paint this beautiful Winter Cabin Scenery.

Step-by-step I'll reveal how to do each part of the painting, layer after layer. Once you've gone through this Masterclass, you will have a greater understanding of Oil Painting in Procreate and you will really start to value this beautiful Art medium.

This Masterclass includes:

  • Step by step easy to follow Instructions
  • Layering Techniques
  • Layer Effects
  • Mixing Paints and Colors
  • Combining Traditional and Digital Techniques
  • Using Light and Shadow
  • High quality Oil Paint Brushset
  • Winter Color Palette
  • Sketch
  • Paper Textures

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Yes, I'd love discover how to Oil Paint in Procreate